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Motorcyclist claims £300k compensation

Biker pursues £300k compensation claim

A motorcyclist is claiming personal injury compensation of more than £300,000 after being involved in a road traffic accident which left him with a head injury and several broken bones.

According to the Echo newspaper, Burim Shala, who is now 22 years old, sustained these injuries in November 2007 as he travelled on Manners Way in the town of Southend and was struck by a car being driven by Victoria Read.

Mr Shala required hospital treatment following the incident and had five fractured vertebrae, broken ribs and a damaged hand, which needed surgery.

Consequently, the biker still suffers from back pain and can no longer lift heavy items, as well as suffering headaches and memory loss, the writ issued to the High Court stated.

"He has decreased concentration and is more forgetful and needs help with his finances," the document added.

Meanwhile, the EU Commission has recently announced its wish to make ABS mandatory for motorcycles in order to reduce the number of motorbike accidents.