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Road traffic accident victim to pursue compensation claim

Road traffic accident victim to pursue compensation claim

A man who sustained severe head injuries during a road traffic accident is set to be awarded a large personal injury settlement following a High Court hearing.

According to the Ealing Gazette, Daniel Ince remains in a brain rehabilitation unit after an incident which took place more than six years ago in which he fell victim to a hit-and-run accident in West Ealing, part of the West London conurbation which is home to more than 300,000 people.

Consequently, medical professionals have concluded that Mr Ince will never be able to work or care for himself again, such is the severity of his health problems.

Mr Ince, a former carpenter, was hit by a powerful saloon car near Ealing Fire Station in September 2004, the driver of which did not stop after the collision.

However, the incident was witnessed by an on-duty fire fighter, who then gave testimony during the High Court case.

A final sum for compensation has yet to be finalised, but is likely to be substantial in order to cover the costs of Mr Ince's injuries and lifetime care, the news source concluded.

Trevor Sterling, personal injury partner at RJW, commented: "The serious injuries arising from this tragic road traffic accident have had a life changing effect upon Mr Ince and his family; the effect was made all the more devastating by the driver failing to stop. Fortunately justice has nevertheless been achieved and the award will help Mr Ince rebuild his life and provide to necessary support for him and his family."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett