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Mother sues NHS for son's disability caused by labour

Mother sues NHS for son's disability caused by labour

A mother has announced she plans to plans to initiate a medical negligence claim against the NHS for alleged malpractices which left her son disabled.

Rachel Dewis has stated that the negligent practices of medical staff during the birth of her son Jake led to him being born with cerebral palsy and now wants remuneration for his suffering, This is Gloucestershire reports.

She told the newspaper: "I thought if it was found that there was sufficient medical evidence to support a claim for negligence then this would be the road I would pursue."

Jake was born at Nuneaten Maternity Hospital in September 1992 and according to the writ filed with the court, midwives failed to recognise abnormalities before his birth.

The 18-year-old cannot stand, or walk unaided and has learning difficulties.

Carolyn Lawley, spokeswoman for NHS West Midlands, confirmed that the case is going through the legal process and did not comment further.

Paul Sankey, clinical negligence partner at Russell Jones & Walker solicitors, commented on the story that: "Medical errors in managing labour can give rise to devastating and life long injuries including cerebral palsy. These injuries can leave a child disabled and needing care for life and it is important for their wellbeing that if negligence has caused the injury, parents investigate claims for damages to ensure the best possible future care for these most vulnerable of people."

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Posted by Richard Saunders