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Man wants greater share of son's £5m inheritance

Man wants greater share of son's £5m inheritance

A man has applied to the Court of Appeal in the hope that he will be awarded a larger share of the £5 million inheritance his divorced wife left to their son when she passed away.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Eric Richardson, who is 71 years old, believes that his offspring Fraser has received a disproportionate amount of his wife Harriet's fortune, which was amassed from their joint enterprise the Richardson Group.

Mr Richardson was married to his spouse for 40 years and they built up a successful property company together, with a portfolio containing homes in regions such as Manchester, the north-west and Cornwall.

However, they divorced in September 2009 and when Mrs Richardson died two months later, she left the majority of her wealth to her son, the news source continued.

Mr Richardson has told the court - which hears appeals in all leading cases in civil and family justice - he needs a greater share to meet a compensation claim being brought against him after a child suffered a severe head injury at one of his properties.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett