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Girl receives millions in clinical negligence settlement

Girl receives millions in clinical negligence settlement

A young girl has been awarded a multi-million pound clinical negligence claim settlement from the NHS due to complications during her birth.

According to The Star, nine-year-old Kiera Berry suffered a severe brain injury, which left her with health issues such as cerebral palsy, dystonic quadriplegia and kidney reflux, when she was starved of oxygen for seven minutes after being born at Jessop Hospital in April 2001.

These injuries will leave Kiera in need of medical care for the rest of her life and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - which employs more than 13,500 staff across its five hospitals and cares for over a million patients annually - has subsequently accepted liability following a case at the High Court.

Judge Ms Justice Sharp commented that the confidential settlement was justified because "the challenges faced by those caring for Kiera since her birth have plainly been absolutely enormous."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett