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Flexible working 'leads to dads being less stressed'

Flexible working 'leads to dads being less stressed'
New research has found that being given the opportunity to operate with flexible working practices causes fathers to feel less stress in their jobs.

According to a study conducted and published by Working Families and Lancaster University's School of Management - which took place over the duration of two years and involved questioning 1,100 dads with jobs - mental anguish following the recession can be limited if their employer allows them to work outside of the traditional nine to five structure.

Sarah Jackson - chief executive of Working Families, which helps people find a better balance between their work and home life - said that over the course of the survey, it became apparent that "working fathers are very often seriously stressed", as the pressure of combining a job with being a dad takes its toll.

"Flexible working is a good way to alleviate some of this stress and men who have a better balance between work and home life tend to be happier," she added.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens