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Families to receive £1m in medical negligence damages

Families to receive £1m in medical negligence damages

Many families are to receive medical negligence compensation awards from the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust following a period of "appalling" care offered by the hospital between 2005 and 2008.

An independent inquiry conducted to investigate conditions at Stafford Hospital found recently that the medical facility had routinely neglected its patients during this timeframe due to being overly concerned with issues such as cost cutting.

This resulted in hundreds of people dying under the care of workers within the hospital and it is subsequently to award bereaved relatives of the victims a combined total of around £1 million in damages - a figure which equates to an average of around £11,000 per family.

Antony Sumara, chief executive of the trust - which employs around 3,000 workers - extended his "sincerest apologies" to those affected by its negligence and added that the organisation has made "a lot of progress" in the interim period towards improving standards of care.

Paul Sankey, Clinical Negligence Partner at RJW, commented on the news:  "'There have been widespread and systemic problems at Stafford Hospital. The standard of care given to patients has been unacceptable and many have suffered unnecessarily from failures by the Hospital. The Trust has acknowledged its failings and a public inquiry will shortly be under way. It is crucial that the problems at Stafford are properly understood if its mistakes are to be avoided in the future.'

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett