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Employers 'could avoid grievances with strong benefit schemes'

Employers 'could avoid grievances with strong benefit schemes'

Employers across all sectors in the UK may be able to keep their members of staff happier - and therefore avoid grievance claims - by ensuring their benefit schemes are tailored to the needs of the modern worker.

That is the view of Jarrod Parker, head of consultants and actuaries at Alexander Forbes, who said that such simple measures can have a positive effect on the wellbeing of employees.

He added that benefits and bonuses should also "represent the culture" of the organisation offering them and went on to say that it is impossible to meet the exact requirements of every member of staff all the time.

"You're never going to get to an employee benefit programme that ticks all the boxes for an employee," he advised.

This comes after a survey by Hewitt Associates published recently (November 15th 2010) found that 43 per cent of organisations across the country now offer benefits such as flexible working following the recession.

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Posted by Richard Saunders