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Expert: Adults should write a will as soon as possible

Expert: Adults should write a will as soon as possible

People should not neglect the process of writing a full will in order to avoid any grievances within their family when they pass away, an expert has said.

According to Brian McMillan, director general of the not-for-profit Society of Will Writers, failing to formally write down their wishes regarding what should be done with their estate after they die can lead to a difficult situation for loved ones to resolve.

"The mess which can be left behind when someone dies without leaving a will can be very distressing to sort out for those left behind," he explained.

Mr McMillan was speaking after the publication of data by Will Aid recently, which found that some 60 per cent of people in the UK over the age of 18 do not have a document detailing their posthumous wishes.

However, despite the fact that death is a subject nobody wants to discuss, Mr McMillan concluded that "it's very important to get round to writing a will as soon as possible".

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Posted by Daniel Stevens