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Teenager awarded GBP4m in compensation after birth complications

Teenager awarded GBP4m in compensation after birth complications

An 18-year-old woman has been awarded GBP4 million in compensation from a hospital after complications during her birth led to her having severe cerebral palsy.

The family of the teenager - who cannot be identified - brought legal proceedings at the High Court against the Rochford Hospital in Essex due to the injuries she sustained while being born in September 1992.

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation - which is chaired by John Bruce - was praised during the proceedings by Margaret Bowron QC for its "impeccable" conduct throughout the proceedings against them, which were initiated last year.

Ms Bowron added that the trust had acted with "speed, good sense and great sensitivity" and the presiding judge decided that a "fair and reasonable" settlement would be an initial lump sum of GBP1.6 million followed by annual payments of GBP140,000, which will then rise to GBP175,000 as the woman grows older.

Following the incident, the teenager is bound to a wheelchair, cannot speak coherently and will need full-time care for the rest of her life.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens