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Report published to help employers adapt to population changes

Report published to help employers adapt to population changes

Employers eager to avoid potential grievances brought against them due to worker claims of race discrimination or religious discrimination might like to take note of new guidance issued today (September 30th).

According to Business in the Community (BITC), organisations throughout the UK must take action as soon as possible in order to adapt fully to the expected changes in the demographic of the country's population over the course of the next 15 years.

This is because an increased number of people arriving in Britain from various different cultures around the world will present companies with new challenges and BITC - which employs more than 17 million people globally - has warned that ensuring equal opportunities for ethnic minorities is going to become harder in the near future.

Sandra Kerr, national director of the Race for Opportunity campaign run by BITC, commented that there is now both a "clear moral case" and "an unarguable business case" for organisations to make sure they offer equal opportunities to avoid the pitfalls of not doing so.

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Posted by Richard Saunders