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Pensioner awarded GBP75k in clinical negligence compensation

Pensioner awarded GBP75k in clinical negligence compensation
A terminally-ill pensioner who has months left to live has been awarded GBP75,000 in a clinical negligence compensation settlement.

Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath has paid 65-year-old Mrs Hardingham the sum after it failed to correctly diagnose and treat her lung cancer when she was first examined three years ago, according to

Doctors at the medical institution "spotted tell-tale signs" of the illness but these symptoms remained untreated and Mrs Hardingham consequently now may not live until Christmas.

The woman from Trowbridge - a small town situated around 12 miles away from the city of Bath - told the news source that she was "furious" about the hospital's grave error, but added that she does not want to waste the time she has left feeling upset.

"I get times when I get very very angry. I just want to do something to make the RUH stop and look at what they are doing," she explained.

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Posted by Richard Saunders