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NHS Staff Council implements new whistleblowing policy

NHS Staff Council implements new whistleblowing policy

The NHS Staff Council has will implement an official policy within the organisation on whistleblowing, it has been decided.

This measure is designed to ensure that all employees of the NHS - which was established in 1948 - maintain the contractual right to flag up any episodes or instances of malpractice within the service to their manager without fear of any subsequent disciplinary action for doing so.

A terms and conditions of service handbook issued to all NHS staff will include this new provision, which means that whistleblowing over any concern that an employee believes is in the public interest to be revealed will be an obligation of all workers.

The Staff Council indicated that all local departments should develop this policy in partnership with their staff members in order to ensure that future cases are treated properly and efficiently.

Greg Allen, employer side chair of the body and director of human resources and workforce development at NHS Devon, commented: "This agreement offers some straightforward and practical steps for local employers to promote and deliver a culture of openness."

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Posted by Daniel Stevens