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Man to seek damages following weight loss surgery

Man to seek damages following weight loss surgery

A man is suing a hospital for its professional negligence after his weight loss surgery resulted in him being unable to eat solid food.

Tim Daily underwent a gastric bypass operation at Charing Cross Hospital - which is located in West London - in October 2008, thereby resulted in his weight being reduced by around 50 per cent to 12 stones, according to the BBC.

However, since the operation, Mr Daily has been physically unable to consume solid food and therefore has to be fed through a tube in his stomach - a process which leaves him requiring morphine to cope with the pain.

Mr Daily claims that he was not informed about the potential long-term effects of having the surgery prior to it taking place and added: "I would never have had it done if I had known it was going to be as bad as this."

He has therefore opted to sue the institution on the grounds of clinical negligence.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett