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Ex-cyclist awarded record £14m compensation after road traffic accident

Ex-cyclist awarded record £14m compensation after road traffic accident

The UK's largest ever personal injury compensation award has been handed to a former professional cyclist who had his career ended by the effects of a road traffic accident.

Manny Helmot has been awarded £14 million following an appeal after an original award of £9 million made in January was deemed to be too low by his mother Rose and her partner.

Mr Helmot, who is 39 years old, was eligible to make a cycling accident claim after an incident in 1998 in which he was knocked off his bike by a speeding car, driven by Dylan Simon.

The former professional - who competed at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia - now requires 24-hour care and suffered severe brain injuries and will never be able to work, drive or ride his bicycle again.

Rose Helmot said that the claimant's party were "thrilled" with the result of the appeal and added that the extra money "will make all the difference".

Paul Kitson - cycle accident specialist, and partner with CTC lawyer`s Russell Jones & Walker said: "This is a massive award of damages but the Claimant suffered devasting injuries. The purpose of the award is to provide full compensation to cover all past & future losses & expenses including the 24 care package as well as the claim for loss of earnings. This is probably the highest personal injury award in the UK to date."

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Posted by Daniel Stevens