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Employers offered equal pay advice by BCC and EHRC

Employers offered equal pay advice by BCC and EHRC

Bosses of smaller companies in the UK have been urged to examine their wage structures in order to ensure that they are complying properly with equal pay laws.

According to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), it is vital that bosses check their wage systems as doing so may enable them to avoid any potential discrimination grievance hearings in the future.

And this could be more important than ever in the aftermath of the recession as businesses look to survive and prosper despite the fact that the government is to implement 40 per cent spending cuts across many of its public departments over the coming months.

In order to help organisations change their pay structures if necessary, the BCC and EHRC have issued a guidebook, in which it is stated that the process to thoroughly scrutinise this area of their firm will take managers no more than four hours.

David Frost of the BCC said: "This guidance should help smaller businesses analyse any pay gap and make any changes required by law."

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Posted by Richard Saunders