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CIPD productivity advice to limit number of employee grievances?

CIPD productivity advice to limit number of employee grievances?

Employers in the UK must take steps to improve their leadership and management skills if the country is to narrow the productivity gap currently between it and other nations around the world, as well as limit the possibility of facing grievance cases.

That is according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which has stated that the deficiencies in senior members of staff in terms of their ability to manage their workers effectively could cause problems both for their own company and contribute to a wider economic issue.

Stephanie Bird, director of public policy and human resources capability at the CIPD, commented that too much of the budgets allocated by both employers and the government is currently being "wasted because managers lack the skills to engage, motivate, coach and develop people in the workplace".

Therefore, the CIPD - which has more than 135,000 members nationwide - has stated that this must change in order for bosses to properly motivate their staff and therefore potentially avoid grievance cases in the future.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens