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Woman 'demands health board is sued for clinical negligence'

Woman 'demands health board is sued for clinical negligence'
The mother of a man who has died following metal health issues wants the necessary authorities to be prosecuted on the grounds of clinical negligence.

Delyth Mosey, who was the mother of 25-year-old Jamie Thomas Mosey, has said that the Hywel Dda Health Board must face a trial after her it chose to "ignore" her son, despite his pleas for help, the South Wales Guardian reports.

According to Ms Mosey, Mr Mosey "begged" the board - which provides services to more than 370,000 people in south Wales - to section him under the Mental Health Act due to the fact that he was experiencing suicidal thoughts following the break-up of his relationship in June.

However, the woman stated that he was "told there was nothing wrong with him, when quite clearly there was" and he was therefore denied treatment. Mr Mosey was found to have hanged himself shortly after.

"To me, this is an obvious case of negligence," his mother concluded.

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Posted by Richard Saunders