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Report finds NHS may be risking clinical negligence claims

Report finds NHS may be risking clinical negligence claims

The NHS may face an increase in the number of clinical negligence claims it has to go through in the near future, if statistics from a new report are to be believed.

According to a study conducted by the independent charity Action Against Medical Accidents (AVMA) - which was established in 1982 - NHS Trusts are potentially putting the wellbeing and safety of the public at risk through its reluctance to properly implement internal procedures.

This could, in turn, put the organisation at greater risk of being taken to grievance hearings by patients.

For example, the AVMA's research discovered that 67 Trusts across the country have failed to introduce a policy on medicines that can be injected which was meant to be implemented by March 2008.

Meanwhile, a total of more than 1,200 such changes were found to not have been introduced, which may mean that hospitals and medical facilities have to endure more claims for damages.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett