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Opera singer to claim £250k in compensation for injuries

Opera singer to claim £250k in compensation for injuries
A famous British opera singer is claiming £250,000 in compensation after an on-stage accident in Denmark in 2005 forced him to retire.

Mr David Rendall - who is an internationally-renowned performer and has sung in roles such as Otello in cities like Palermo, Milan and Dresden - believes he is owed a quarter of a million pounds to cover his loss of earnings since the incident which left him with two damaged shoulder and a shattered hip.

The artist was performing at the Copenhagen Opera House when part of a stage collapsed on top of him. He managed to avoid more severe injuries, or even death, by crawling clear of the debris left by the incident.

Mr Rendall explained that he was suing the Danish Ministry of Culture because of the event, in which the whole set of the opera was destroyed.

"I was knocked down at least 15 feet and tried to crawl to safety to avoid being crushed," he added.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett