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Government 'must do more to end gender pay gap'

Government 'must do more to end gender pay gap'

The government must do more in order to make sure that the level of gender pay inequality in the UK is reduced, an expert has said.

According to a spokesperson for the Women's Resources Centre (WRC), the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition needs to become more actively involved in closing the gap, which could lead to a reduction in the number of discrimination and grievance hearings being heard across the country.

The official's comments came after the publication of a report by the Chartered Management Institute and XpertHR, which revealed that despite the fact that female salaries have increased in comparison to men's over the last year, it could take as long as another 57 years for equality to be achieved at the current rate of progress.

She remarked that females in this day and age should not have to face an "uphill slog" to be paid the same amount as their male counterparts and added that evidence has shown that companies who treat their workers equally "perform better" than other firms.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett