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Government 'must do more to encourage flexible working'

Government 'must do more to encourage flexible working'

The demand for flexible working practices from parents seeking employment opportunities in the aftermath of the global economic downturn is not being met by companies throughout the UK.

That is according to new report conducted by charity Gingerbread, which has stated that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance must now do more in order to ensure that such roles are made available for single mothers and fathers.

Gingerbread states that the government is not currently doing enough to help this cross-section of society "find the jobs that fit with their family life", despite the fact that "most single parents want to be in a paid job" to bring in funds to their household after the recession.

This comes after the coalition announced that it is seeking to move 100,000 more single parents into work in the coming years.

Flexible working has become widely popular among employees of various personal circumstances in recent times, with a study from PricewaterhouseCoopers earlier this year stating that such practices are the most important benefit that can be offered to almost half of all workers.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett