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Engineer 'seeks more than £300k compensation'

Engineer 'seeks more than £300k compensation'
A man is seeking personal injury compensation of more than £300,000 after his hand was seriously injured during a workplace accident.

According to the Colchester Evening Gazette, Gary Finnigan is suing Amtek Aluminium Castings - which has plants across the world - for an incident in November 2008 which has left him with life-changing injuries as his right hand "remains virtually useless".

Mr Finnigan lost his fingers and part of his thumb during the accident and repeated attempts at reconstructive surgery have not restored the use of his hand. His writ issued to the High Court states that he has difficulty carrying out everyday tasks and also still feels "pain and phantom sensations" from his missing digits.

The injury was sustained when the worker's hand was crushed by a moving part of the machinery he was attempting to clean and the claimant believes that his employer failed to take the necessary steps to ensure that he carried out this job safely.

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Posted by Richard Saunders