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Could efficient communication prevent grievance hearings?

Could efficient communication prevent grievance hearings?

Employers might be well-advised to ensure that their level of communication with staff members is good enough in order to avoid the possibility of facing grievance hearings in the future.

That is according to Petra Wilton, director of policy and research at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), who has stated that workers must both feel valued and understand the role they play within an organisation in order to avoid them becoming disgruntled with their job.

This is potentially something which could lead to an employment tribunal, so heeding Ms Wilton's advice could be a good idea for the senior management of any business in the aftermath of the global economic downturn.

"Communication is an absolute critical part of what we model and look at in terms of employer engagement," she stated.

Ms Wilton's comments came after the recent publication of data by, which found that around a third of employees in the UK currently feel "completely underappreciated" in their job.

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Posted by Richard Saunders