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Women earning more 'but sex discrimination remains'

Women earning more 'but sex discrimination remains'

While the number of women who earn more than their partners is rising, sex discrimination over pay still exists, a publication has noted.

According to figures cited by the Herald Scotland based on the Women And Work Survey, a third of females are now the main breadwinners in their households.

However, the gender pay gap has "never been so great", the news source claimed.

Indeed, Fawcett Society statistics suggest that women earn on average £113 a week less than men, which totals nearly £490 a month.

A spokesman for the organisation stated: "As long as women shoulder the majority of parenting and caring responsibilities, women are unable to compete in the UK workplace."

The society also claimed Britain has one of the longest working-hours cultures in Europe.

There are concerns among some that the extra pressure on employees during the economic downturn has had a disproportionate impact on females as they often struggle to balance the needs of work and families.

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