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Woman wins £20k in constructive dismissal case

Woman wins £20k in constructive dismissal case

A woman has been awarded compensation of nearly £20,000 after successfully claiming she had been the victim of constructive unfair dismissal.

Jessica Uys quit her job after allegedly being told by her manager Harry Dhaliwal to lie in a court case being brought by a client, the Manchester Evening News reports.

She worked at Belvoir Lettings' Manchester Central franchise, which is part of an organisation headquartered in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

In addition, Mr Dhaliwal had supposedly suggested to her father, who was a sub-contractor for the firm, that he draw up a bogus invoice to use in the case.

Ms Uys also claimed her former boss had shouted and sworn at her in the run-up to her departure.

She said: "I had never been on the receiving end of Harry's bullying before but when I was, I could not cope with it."

After the hearing, Ms Uys said she was "happy" and the right decision had been made.

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