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Teacher was victim of religious discrimination, tribunal rules

Teacher was victim of religious discrimination, tribunal rules

A teacher was the victim of unfair treatment on the grounds of her faith, a tribunal has decided.

Julie Brudell was selected for redundancy on the grounds of her beliefs and was thus subject to religious discrimination, it was ruled.

She is Protestant and lost her job after Catholic pupils began outnumbering Protestants at Ballykelly Primary.

In its judgement, the tribunal remarked: "There was an awareness that the Roman Catholic pupils now outnumbered the Protestant ones, that the school had lost so many children already and would lose even more depending on who was made redundant."

It added that that fact those in charge of the educational institution acted with good intentions in the interest of the school does not provide them with a defence.

Ms Brudell noted she was glad a resolution has been achieved.

Some industry commentators have predicted there may be an increase in the number of employment tribunal claims over coming months if firms are forced to implement further staff cuts due to economic conditions.

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