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Teacher makes unfair dismissal claims

Teacher makes unfair dismissal claims

A teacher is claiming she was the victim of unfair dismissal.

Linda Ross it taking legal action against Dundee City Council after losing her position in 2008, reports.

The former education worker was sacked for alleged gross misconduct.

She was suspended after her husband contacted a local newspaper regarding his concerns over violence within the primary school.

Initially, an independent panel ruled that although the allegations were exaggerated, Ms Ross should be allowed to return to work.

However, she was subsequently suspended again and was fired four months later.

She says she is happy she will get a chance to put her side of the story across.

Ms Ross commented: "I'm very much looking forward to the tribunal. It has been a long time coming and they have tried everything they can to stop me getting it."

The case between her and the council - which is headquartered on Crichton Street, Dundee - is due to get underway in October.

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