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Man awarded compensation in clinical negligence case

Man awarded compensation in clinical negligence case

A man has been awarded a substantial amount in compensation after making a successful claim that he was the victim of clinical negligence.

Former college lecturer Tim Joplin will receive £825,000 after being left paralysed due to failings by medical staff, reports.

The 58-year-old was first admitted to Russells Hall Hospital - which is run by the Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust - in March 2003 complaining of neck and shoulder pain.

He alleged he was left undiagnosed for five days before being transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, where it was revealed an abscess was pressing on his spinal cord.

Despite undergoing emergency surgery, it was too late and he has been left permanently disabled.

Commenting on his grievance, Mr Joplin said: "The encounter I had at Russells Hall Hospital in March 2003 changed me from being a socially skilled individual and useful member of my family to complete dependency and in almost constant pain."

Paula Clark, chief executive at Dudley Group of Hospitals - which provides services to a population of around 400,000 - said the organisation accepts lessons had to be learned.

Paul Sankey, Clinical Negligence Partner at Russell Jones & Walker Solicitors commented on the story: "Injuries to the spinal cord may be a surgical emergency and it is important that they are recognised promptly. Delays can result in paralysis and serious disability as Mr Joplin's unfortunate experience shows. There appear to have been serious failings by medical staff with catastrophic consequences for Mr Joplin and his family."

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