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DRA concern 'often based on misconceptions'

DRA concern 'often based on misconceptions'

Concerns among employers about the possible effects on age discrimination that may be caused by the axing of the default retirement age (DRA) could largely be based on false assumptions, an expert has said.

According to Helen Barnes, principal research fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies, anxiety among organisations about this change is often derived from "misconceptions".

Ms Barnes' comments come following the recent announcement by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which outlined the government's plans to scrap the DRA altogether from October 2011 following a six-month period of it being phased out, which begins in April.

Under current law, employers are able to make their staff retire at the age of 65 regardless of their personal circumstances, which has led to several instances of cases being filed for age discrimination in the workplace.

However, Ms Barnes has commented that most employees will enjoy being in control of their own destiny and added there will not be many instances of people remaining in a job for a long time after they pass 65 anyway.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens