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Disability discrimination 'still faces those with learning difficulties'

Disability discrimination 'still faces those with learning difficulties'

People with learning difficulties are still subject to disability discrimination when it comes to finding employment, it has been claimed.

According to Rosa Monckton, jewellery magnate and best friend of the late Princess Diana, opportunities for such individuals are restricted.

She stated: "Very often it is very difficult for them to even get to an interview stage, because the discrimination about their disability precedes them. I think that is a real issue."

Ms Monckton has direct experience of the issue as her daughter has Down's Syndrome.

She noted that whether people are learning disabled or not, they want to be able to fulfil their own potential.

In order to address the issue, disability education should be mandatory as this would raise acceptance levels in society, she added.

Her comments followed the release of research conducted by Turning Point, which revealed that nine-in-ten people polled believed those with learning disabilities still experience discrimination.

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