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Workers 'still subject to age discrimination'

Workers 'still subject to age discrimination'

Despite laws to combat such unfair treatment, older workers in the UK remain subject to age discrimination.

This is according to the Institute for Employment Studies (IfES), which suggested that employers' views of such people are stuck in the past.

A report produced by the organisation suggested that while firms provide retirement support, they are failing to encourage older members of staff to stay on at the companies.

In addition, they are treating requests by workers who want to remain in their roles on a case-by-case basis and are thus missing out on opportunities to retain valuable skills, it stated.

Marie Strebler from the IfES - which was established in 1969 and claims to be a centre of expertise on employment issues - said: "Negative attitudes and stereotypes in the workplace have not necessarily disappeared with the advent of age discrimination laws."

During tougher economic times, there is a risk that cuts will have a disproportionate impact on older employees, she added.