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Woman pursues claims of constructive dismissal

Woman pursues claims of constructive dismissal

A woman is taking legal action over what she claims was unfair dismissal.

Liping Mak was employed at Newcastle's Waygood Studios until she resigned from her post in December last year, the Journal reports.

The 31-year-old claims a doctor signed her off sick due to stress she was suffering that had triggered an outbreak of severe eczema on her face and body.

She alleges that worry caused by her ex-boss Helen Smith was behind the problems.

Ms Mak also suggests that she was bullied because gallery managers applied different standards to investigating her complaints than when Ms Smith had previously registered concerns about an artist treating her unfairly.

The claim remains ongoing between the former worker and the arts organisation.

Waygood has an office on High Bridge in Newcastle and a studio in the Byker area of the city.

Earlier this year, it learned that the Arts Council England is considering withdrawing its financial support.