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Woman gets go-ahead to make sex discrimination claim

Woman gets go-ahead to make sex discrimination claim

A woman who alleges that she was the victim of sex discrimination in her former job has won the right to make a claim.

Sarah Hawley suggests she was sexually harassed at work by a married man and was subsequently sacked for raising a complaint, Stoke and Staffordshire paper the Sentinel reports.

The 32-year-old was employed at Areva T&D UK - a firm with roots tracing back to 1878.

In a new development, she has been told she can proceed with her claim of discrimination, harassment and unfair dismissal.

Commenting on her colleague's actions, she remarked: "He would telephone me and use his position as an acting team member to come into my office.

"It all became too much and I made a complaint to the management."

The firm denies the charges and maintains Ms Hawley lost her job because she was sending excessive email messages while she was at work.