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Woman convicted of forging a will

Woman convicted of forging a will

A woman has been found guilty of forgery in relation to alterations she made to a will.

The High Court ruled Janice Gale attempted to con her brother out of a £300,000 inheritance left by their mother, the Daily Mail reports.

She had been bequeathed jewellery in the legal document, while the home and estate were to be split evenly between the siblings.

However, in additions to the will supposedly made in 1994, the mother apparently changed her mind and said: "I wish my daughter to keep the house and everything in the house and any remaining savings to be divided between my daughter and son, Janice and David."

This and a further codicil were found to be forgeries.

The judge ruled that the changes were either fraudulently signed or were signed by the mother when she was suffering from Alzheimers and were backdated.

Ms Gale was ordered to pay 80 per cent of her brother's legal costs and she has been refused permission to appeal.

Writing in the Aberdeen Press and Journal recently, Adeline Christy suggested that consumers who are keen to minimise their inheritance tax payments should be tactical in how they write their wills.

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