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Woman compensated for spinal damage

Woman compensated for spinal damage
A woman who had to spend months recovering in a specialist centre as a result of spinal injuries she suffered has been awarded compensation.

Along with her friend Alison Foxal - who was not as badly injured - she has been given money for the distress caused.

The pair were on a fairground ride when the incident occurred in May 2006.

They went on The Orbiter, which was 27 years old and involved spinning cars which were attached to a central pole.

Shortly into the experience, the section they were in broke off and flew into a nearby fast food stall.

An investigation conducted by the Health and Safety Executive - which serves to protect people from risks that arise as a result of workplace activities - found both the owner of the ride and Fairground Inspection Services had breached safety rules.

As well as paying fines, they were ordered to issue compensation.

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