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Teacher makes claims of unfair dismissal

Teacher makes claims of unfair dismissal

A teacher who lost her job earlier this year is making claims of unfair dismissal.

In January, information technology lecturer Steph Crossley was sacked for striking a student while she was making a call about a fire.

The 57-year-old allegedly hit Sabia Sajid at Kirklees College, which was formed in August 2008 after a merger between Dewsbury College and Huddersfield Technical College.

At the time of the incident, she and her students could smell smoke but could not see any flames.

She was on the phone regarding the blaze and was taking instructions.

In a bid to get people to be quiet, Ms Crossely slapped Ms Sajid on her hip, it is suggested.

According to the teacher, she acted the way she did because she is scared of fires.

She commented: "I don't like fire because I was involved in a school that had a real fire, whether that's at the heart of it - I don't know."