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MP takes legal action over alleged libel

MP takes legal action over alleged libel

An MP from the north-east has launched legal proceedings over newspaper articles he suggests were libellous.

Frank Cook, who began his parliamentary career in 1983, is taking action over stories that appeared in the Sunday Telegraph in May 2009, the Press Gazette reports.

He is seeking up to £50,000 from the Telegraph Media Group over the pieces, which were entitled "MP claimed £5 for church collection" and "I'm sorry church claim was unfair."

Meanwhile, he is also suing over a comment which was headed "Now it is the people's turn to be heard."

According to Mr Cook, the articles damaged his reputation and caused him embarrassment and upset.

The politician added that the allegations were given "disproportionate and excessive prominence" in the news source.

He also suggested that by mentioning his former job as a gravedigger, the newspaper hoped to ridicule him.

The legal battle between the two sides remains ongoing.

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