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Engineer with Mesothelioma Awarded Compensation

Engineer with Mesothelioma Awarded Compensation

A man suffering from work related terminal Mesothelioma cancer has been awarded compensation.

The individual, who did not wish to be named, appealed for former colleagues to come forward after discovering he had the Asbestos-related disease; as reported in the Lancashire Evening Post.

He called for former staff members come forward with any information they may have that could help his claim for Mesothelioma compensation. His pleas were successful and enough evidence was gleaned for his case to result in him receiving £160,000 in compensation.

The 72-year-old came into contact with Asbestos, which can also result in medical problems such as Pleural Plaques and Asbestosis; while he was working as an engineer at Leyland Motors between 1953 & 1958. He began suffering Mesothelioma symptoms in 2006, including chest pains, a cough and generally feeling unwell.

Medical experts diagnosed the aggressive form of cancer and the pensioner has been receiving treatment since.