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Employee awarded compensation over pregnancy discrimination

Employee awarded compensation over pregnancy discrimination

A woman who suffered discrimination at the hands of her employer because she was pregnant has been awarded compensation.

The individual, who declined to be named, works for the Royal Air Force (RAF) and was ruled to have been the victim of "an intimidating, degrading, hostile or offensive environment".

She lost her position at the organisation - which serves to defend the UK and its interests and strengthen international peace and stability - because she was expecting a baby.

Her request to stay in her desk-based job in the Falkland Islands was rejected, despite the fact that her RAF officer husband was based there.

She had to come back to the UK and was forced to take leave in order to return to the island, meaning she missed out on a performance review which delayed her promotion prospects.

It has now been ruled that the woman should received damages of £16,000 and the Ministry of Defence has been advised to carry out individual risk assessments for mothers-to-be.