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Bankers make libel claims

Bankers make libel claims

Three bankers have accused a firm involved in private investigation of libel.

Anthony James, Alistair McLeod and Cliff Giddings allege that Hibis Europe wrongly suggested they had been involved in a scam that precipitated the collapse of a lender, the Financial Times reports.

The company suggested that the trio had "systematically perpetrated a criminal fraud on a giant scale".

As a result of the claims, the three British executives have been banned from leaving Bahrain.

In court documents filed by the men, it is said the report - which was distributed by Hibis to a law firm and an accounting company in London - accused them of conducting fraudulent transactions worth approximately £1.4 billion.

A filing by a legal representative for Hibis - which aims to help businesses manage fraud risks and conducts investigations into such illegal behaviour - revealed it intends to fight the suggestions made against it.

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