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Accountant was victim of unfair dismissal, tribunal rules

Accountant was victim of unfair dismissal, tribunal rules

A man who lost his job as an accountant with Scottish and Southern Energy was unfairly dismissed, it has been ruled.

Mr Innes, who had worked at the organisation for nearly ten years, was sacked after bosses decided he spent too long surfing the web, the BBC reports.

The father-of-three was informed that his use of the internet breached company policy and he was accused of clocking up a total of 27,500 website hits.

He lost his position in February last year, with managers also suggesting he had failed to perform his duties.

However, an employment tribunal has decided that his dismissal was unfair, with chairman Ian McFatridge saying bosses at the business had no idea how to interpret the internet usage report.

Mr Innes was awarded £38,068 in compensation.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Scottish and Southern Energy - which supplies gas and electricity to around 9.5 million people - said it is considering an appeal.