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Women 'still subject to sex discrimination'

Women 'still subject to sex discrimination'

Female workers are still subject to sex discrimination, according to one expert.

Commenting on the subject, Toni Eastwood, training director at everywoman, said women continue to struggle to be seen as worth as much as men among employers.

She remarked: "From our experience it is true to say that in many cases women do have to work extra hard, often with gritty determination to prove their worth [and] to attain top positions."

The expert went on to note that there has been a lot of media debate since the onset of the economic problems concerning whether more females should sit on executive boards.

According to Ms Eastwood, having diversity at senior and board levels has proved "time and again" to be beneficial to organisations.

Research conducted recently by a team at Duke University found that women who do succeed in getting the top jobs are credited with responsibility for their own success and are seen as better leaders.