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Town clerk 'was victim of constructive dismissal'

Town clerk 'was victim of constructive dismissal'

An employment tribunal has ruled that town clerk Pam Dobson was the victim of constructive dismissal.

The 54-year-old was employed by Marlborough Town Council - which is headquartered on Marlborough High Street.

She was forced to quit her job after the local authority discovered that she was in arrears in council rent.

The sums were for £2,400 and £6,800 and they were eventually paid off by Ms Dobson.

Former councillor Richard Allen passed the information on to the press.

She was on sick leave during the final six months of her time with the organisation and resigned in July last year, before taking up the same role with the council in Whitby.

A tribunal held in Bristol ruled that she had been constructively dismissed.

In its conclusion to the case, it noted that she had suffered "considerable harassment and embarrassment" as a result of the leak into the public domain.