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Sex discrimination worse in small firms?

Sex discrimination worse in small firms?
Perceptions of male bias in the workplace are stronger among staff members serving in small firms, it has been found.

According to a study conducted by IFF Research, while ten per cent of employees across the UK as a whole believe men are treated better at work, this figure rises to 19 per cent among those in enterprises that have fewer than ten personnel, reports.

Among those who reported a belief that males workers receive preferential treatment, two-fifths stated that they are more likely to be promoted and one in four said they are paid more.

Responding to the findings, Mark Samuel, associate director at IFF Research - which was established in 1965 and claims to have expertise in six sectors, including finance and regulation - said they are worrying.

He remarked: "Smaller organisations may have to go the extra mile to demonstrate to staff that they treat everyone equally. And all employers need to be aware of the gulf in attitudes between the sexes."