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New govt appointments 'show sex discrimination'

New govt appointments 'show sex discrimination'

The appointments made by the new government may provide evidence of sex discrimination, it has been claimed.

Writing in Progress Magazine, Rebecca Lury pointed out that none of the Liberal Democrat cabinet positions were female.

The party was rewarded with five such roles as part of a deal it formed with the Conservatives, who needed extra seats in parliament in order to achieve a majority.

Meanwhile, female politicians did not fare much better on the Tory side, Ms Lury noted, with only four women given cabinet positions.

These included Theresa May as home secretary, Caroline Spelman as secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, Cheryl Gillan as secretary of state for Wales and Baroness Warsi as minister without portfolio and co-chair of the party.

However, the writer did point out that there are "many new women" on the backbenches, which may signal the start of a change in fortunes for females in Westminster.