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Man succeeds in sex discrimination claim

Man succeeds in sex discrimination claim

A man has proved successful in his bid to secure compensation over sex discrimination.

John de Belin was employed as a lawyer specialising in property before he lost his job in February last year, the Independent reports.

The 45-year-old was made redundant from his associate role with the Leeds-based employer after going up against a female colleague.

It was found that his bosses were worried they would be sued if they fired the woman as she was on maternity leave at the time.

During a tribunal in the Yorkshire city, it was ruled that Mr de Belin had been unfairly dismissed and sexually discriminated against.

Judge Shulman decided that the firm "unfairly inflated" his co-worker's assessment scores.

He remarked: "We do not feel that Section 2(2) [of the Sex Discrimination Act] was intended to protect a woman on maternity leave in a redundancy scoring exercise where we find that she received an unfairly inflated score."

On the subject of gender discrimination, training director at everywoman Toni Eastwood recently said that women still struggle to be viewed as worth as much as men among employers.