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Govt paternity right plans receive criticism

Govt paternity right plans receive criticism

The lack of a promise by the Conservative Party to add two weeks to paternity leave has been criticised.

According to Michelle Singleton, assistant policy officer for Unison, the Tories are "giving with one and taking with the other" when it comes to parental employment rights.

She remarked: "We're not now going to see the extra two weeks that fathers would have got for paternity leave, which is something that was in the Labour manifesto and is now not on the table."

Her comments followed the announcement in the Queen's Speech earlier this week that the Conservatives intend to remove barriers to flexible working and promote equal pay.

Meanwhile, research published last year by the Government Equalities Office revealed that 51 per cent of working parents polled felt their relationships with their children would improve if they could work flexibly.

Also, 53 per cent noted their jobs prevent them from spending the amount of time they would like to with their offspring.