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Family wins £9m in compensation over clinical negligence

Family wins £9m in compensation over clinical negligence

A family that was the victim of clinical negligence has been awarded compensation of more than £9 million.

The sum was granted in connection with errors made concerning the delivery of Lewis Merrigan eight years ago in Northampton General Hospital, the Northampton Chronicle & Echo reports.

Before he was born, staff at the medical centre - which was established in 1793 and has more than 600 beds - failed to interpret abnormal monitoring signs.

Because of this, he was starved of oxygen and sustained permanent brain damage.

Lewis cannot walk, stand or sit unaided and has little useful movement in his limbs.

His parents Jason and Liz Merrigan stated: "The compensation can never, ever reverse the damage and pain that Lewis suffered. But it will at least ensure he will always have a safe and caring environment for the rest of his life."

They added that they are relieved the legal fight is now over.