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Divorce 'less likely when men help out at home'

Divorce 'less likely when men help out at home'

Households in which men help out with domestic chores are less likely to split, it has been suggested.

According to a study conducted by a team at the London School of Economics, divorce rates are lower in homes where husbands lend a hand with tasks such as childcare, cleaning and shopping.

It was also discovered that couples had the smallest chance of parting ways if the woman did not work and her partner got involved in the maximum level of family-related tasks.

Commenting on the issue, researcher Wendy Sigle-Rushton noted that economists have tended to focus on trying to explain the connection between females going out to work and divorce rates.

"In doing so, they have paid very little attention to the behaviour of men. This research ... suggests that fathers' contribution to unpaid work at home stabilises marriage regardless of mothers' employment status," she stated.

Earlier this year, the Institute for Fiscal Studies claimed that marriage itself does little to promote the development of children.